The Celibate Autopsy

A Celibate Autopsy by Lee Kwo the first Post Human satirical text looking at issues such as the fictional nature contemporary Philosophy/music as noise in the 21stCentury/War as expression of human desire/the Control Apparatus of dominant politics and language as a code of Information as an end in itself./This text informs the reader of the […]

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Alien Nation

An “anatomy lesson” on The Celibate Autopsy/The Codeine Wars an on-going conflict between the Assassins and the Toxic Soldier fighting over Codeine Information and the need to express the Phallic XX desire for violence and destruction/ symptoms of an overall psycho-pathology of the Enterprise of Death/An opportunity to display the precise unconscious desire of machinery […]

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New Aesthetics

Lacking a baroque aesthetics of biZarre damage propelled by hardcore spasms of chromosomes in silent procession of 3am nights drigged and anonymous self savage codes the empty words of command are silent but none the less deadly under discrete linguistic moments where mortal loss is pronounced from Minarets and all but eyes are covered by […]

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Lee Kwo has abandoned the world of substance and has taken refuge in the where do we go from here…

The Forgotten Memory of the Future/Insanity and excess of vision and sound/ Consciousness is not the seat of identity/When you have gone as far as you can you are only half way there/Reality is not enough/We dream of the inside which is the unconscious and the outside which is the imagination/What is the connexion between […]

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