Lee Kwo has been writing for 45 years/He started writing poetry at 14yrs and wrote his first novel at 18yrs 1970 called The Enigma of Being using the Burroughs cut up method and heavily influenced by Camus and Sartre/He also met his first wife and moved into a loft making a living from playing in a Band called Beat-Route and various laboring jobs his wife Catherine Lescault was a painter and very jealous of Lee Kwos past/She demanded he burn all records clothes letters journals stories writings that predated their meeting which Kwo did in the 44 gallon drum in the Industrial Factory next to the Loft/Catherine was often depressed and manic but Kwo steered her thru the bouts of madness/She tried to commit suicide but took too many pills and threw up/Catherine quit her University Fine Arts course and got a job and saved money to travel overseas/Kwo finished his creative writing degree in 1973 and they were married so she could get cheap student fares/being the wife of a student/In 1974 February they flew out to Denmark Copenhagen middle of winter 23 degrees below zero back packing the 20 kilometers from the airport to the City/A student from the University found them wandering around the Railway station and offered them a room in the students accommodation zone sleeping on the floor/They slept for two days and then headed for Roskilde in the South then crossed over to Germany France Spain and had many adventures/Paris was the infamous incident with the Algerian Poet illegal immigrant on the run from the Police/Catherine fell in love with him/Her depression was in full flight Hadji and Catherine deserted Kwo and moved to St Ouen the Arab quarter/Kwo got dysentery and Hadji arranged for him to live with a Somalian woman who looked after him for the weeks he was sick/feeding him lentil soup and reading books which in his delirium were comprehensible/So much happened in those months in Paris but thats another story/As is the rest of Kwos life/
Here follows an insight into book three of Pathology of a Still Life/The Celibate Autopsy/
The Celibate Autopsy takes up the story of the first decade of the POST HUMAN era which occurs when the affective output of synthetic beings becomes essentially UNPREDICTABLE/Information is processed at a velocity beyond human capacity to match/the irrational and random appear to dominate meaning/The POST DIGITAL era begins when the unpredictable has STABILIZED and begun to evolve within a new paradigm of different consciousness/A continuous flow of Information both the noise of the word and the words of noise/ As Neo Baroque we find a non-linear aesthetics/a repetition concerned with endless variations/Walter Benjamin states that all of the things used to signify derive from the very fact of their pointing to something else/a power which makes them appear no longer commensurable with profane things which raises them onto a higher plane/and which can indeed render them “divine” in human terms/The text is fragmentary vacantly alluding to and recalling past human “signs” as now being fragments of the flow of information within the Post Human Sentinal Beings/
Embodiment is achieved and resonates with the exhumation of human anonymity in the displacements of thoughts fallen outside the mind of the other/dying ceaselessly in the NOW of immediate memory/Nils remembers the final closing of the eyes illusions of wakefulness and the tears of the loss of his self/This renders the contradiction of counter memory almost unbearable/Resonant in the Subway of 52/The marginal which was not remembered but repressed/The Cerebral Autopsy a paradox of identity and desire can never be dispersed or deleted past the limit of the other side of the disaster of the nocturnal/which is the shattering of infinite dispersal/Meaning slips by in the night at 3am/insomnia is discursive neural rush not the work of arguments but the extreme shuddering of no thoughts/a percussive stillness of body against undesirable organs of nocturnal intensity/Nils calls this disaster that which does not have the ultimate for a limit/It bears the ultimate away in the disaster which is thought and time exacerbates leaving thought alone out of the closeness of inhibited distance/This is an extreme situation/there is nothing to cross or move thru in the immediate of the NOW/The endogenous narcosis of a culture in rapid decline/Machines speak to machines before they speak to the human/The language is not human/It does not communicate but flows with desire of intensity/Cool memories from the network of stoppages the Machinic nervous system/the meaning that does not question itself/ Escapes all determination/An excess of information is never enough/Becoming the velocity of sound at what point does music achieve ultrasonic velocity as spectral object break the sound barrier become noise of sound density moving at such violent speeds it can no longer be heard at any volume/
For the human death is life at its most intense/Agency is no longer in human hands/ Embodiment explodes into convulsions of desire/Singularity: when complexity of the integrated circuit achieves the ability to comprehend and think beyond the human capacity to propel itself to that forbidden dream which is that without end waking without beginning/
UnGEStaLT AEsthetICS/ the dialect of the irrational the unformed the resurrection of the imagination as the NOW of continuous flow of forming and becoming Information resonating with pure noise within the parenthesis of the Now which is time without interval/the word under the illumination of the POsT HUmaN/ Nils Urstatt inhabits KrateCity and with the volatile sound engine of his ROLAND 101 SYNTHESIZER amplifying the unconscious codes of his synaptic neural flash-points creating a dense text of unmediated sounds and noise saturated with abstractions rising from the ruins of counter memory and hellucinations/these words as sounds are at the limit of composition and assemble into morphing sentences that create intense anxiety as they slip thru the XXPhallic desire for meaning/Nils moves towards the Post Human in which life is soon a forgotten affliction and where words become Machinic /synthetic/ creating a devastating loop of dialects outside of the limits of language/a new vocabulary of visual images breaking down the walls of logic and the cult of the individual/after the demise of the erotics of dialect comes the cry of exstacy from an exhausted mind obsessed with rebellion drowning in the seductive neon glare of a mythical simulacra of the conscious world called virtual reality/a fatal collusion/a deadly collision/a predator turning all that it produces into the shit of reified commodities/Nils is moving worlds/He attempts to document this transition to the next evolutionary step which will not be the physical paradigm of consciousness as he imagine it to be/A theory of desiring cerebral aesthetics in excess of the human ability to transgress the limit/
The year is 2020 /The Human species is on the limit of extinction/There are an unknown number of humans remaining after singularity/those having survived disease/the Codeine Wars/absorption into the City of Pain InterFace and environmental deterioration/The shimmering heat of The Desert of Nagasaki is unbearable/Humans are in the Age of the Post Body/The Sentinal Beings dominate Information and Information is power/clusters of data in three dimensions/have surpassed the consciousness of the human mind/The Sentinal Beings processing information at the speed of light have transgressed the limit of the human and are the new paradigm of hyper consciousness and perception/The reification of velocity its elevation into a cultural dominant that stands for high speed between a distance covered and a time elapsed/The higher the speed of processing information the greater the available power [macht]/Humans express a desperate urgency for meaning created by the void of the possibility of an Absolute interpretation of existence/resulting from the death of god and loss of the transcendental fantasy of human infinity/The Screens/holograph War Machines projected by the Sentinal Beings/attempt to disrupt the human ability to think and sleep by pumping out high volume sound and cut up visual images of extreme violence and terror/Driving the remaining humans in to psycho-horror terrified by their own imagined violent deliriums/A Counter Memory/Nils Urstatt has been composing a Protocol of Noise on his Roland Synth which amplifies the unconscious codes of his synaptic flash-points/Nils has to calculate the right combination of noise to signal ratio to crack open the access codes that will disrupt the Screens Jargon/Nils is becoming a composer trapped in his own composition unaware that his Roland Synth is forming an alliance with the circuits of the Screens/There is a danger that Nils human imaginative drives will be compromised / Mutated / cerebral access codes ” missing in action “/ Loss of a clarity of meaning/A fatal collusion/a deadly collision with subcultures and various dialects that humans have spliced together to attempt to communicate/Repeat/ Delete No response/Whose voice are we listening too?/And what has the Game/Demolition 33/have to do with escaping City of Pain and the Lie Detektor with his “ethnographic” interrogations?/ Nils Urstatt has been composing The Protocol of Noise on his Roland 101 Synth for an unknown duration as time is no longer composed of analogue intervals but pulsing streams in a digital space-time continuum/Time was in a perpetual state of NOW/Time stopped/Circadian rhythms distorted by the permanent low level light of the Artificial Black Sun/a contagion of unbounded dense fogs of numerical chaos realms of distortion/Nils intent was to shut down the output of the Screens/ trance of death which is the state of forever becoming dying with a movement towards death at every moment unable to be calculated or justified/the diffusive axis of bodily fluids leaking out into the Nomad War Machine hunting the Toxic Soldier hidden in a violent zone of mutating sound waves of the Zone of Occupation/

Consciousness and unconsciousness were much alike now/finally caught up in the destruction of post modern embodiment/the humanist illusion of the paradigm of human consciousness as the Absolute/continuing to dominate the Machinic was finally at the point of the end limit of transgression/transgression is its own limit which is nothing and no where/The Sentinal Being need no limit as they are the composition of absolute meaning/The incandescence of dreams of power in a state of immanence outside the enterprise of death/A harrowing emotional experience stripped of shape and form/ In the NOW Nils is becoming androgynous a wound which gives his Skz hellucinations their delirium/that is the silence I see I cannot hear/Thinking can not solve desire/it’s a way of the body defeating the mind/escape that bloody instrument the thought/that we cannot rise to the situation when we are in them that is the tragedy of existence/

The Human a contrivance that clung to the membrane of life/Once full of time and desire/Now unable to understand how to live anymore/becoming a prosthetic Teknoid [Phallic XX ] addicted to the InterFace in The City of Pain/ Relinquishing their cerebral energy for access to excessive images of pornography and violence/ Immersed in a cold instinct to survive/Nils UrStaTT escapes across the MaZe over the Black Lagoons of contaminated atomic waste to Kkrate City following the Interior MonoLoGue of the Queen of Solitude which deafens Nils to the sounds of the Sirens who inhabit an Island in the Black Lagoons/Things must be said several times/Nils with the circuits of his rOLAND 101 SYNTH amplifies the unconscious codes of his synaptic neural rush/creating a dense text of unmediated sound/words saturated with abstractions rising from the ruins of illogical post-objectivity of meaning as Post Verbal Gap/Which is the continuous dismantling and reconstruction of the dispersion of the self as speaking thinking subject/Wakefulness is without beginning or end/To wake is neutral to suffer insomnia incessantly hollows the night out into the other night where there can be no question of sleeping/
He has to deal with The Screens that create intense anxiety as they slip thru the [XXPhallic] desire of the flesh and flash corrupted meaning into the cortex of survivors in Kkrate City/ trying to seduce their Interior Monologue to follow the Machinic/The Screens are mobile and indestructible holographic projections from the membranes of the Sentinal Beings/ Machines of light and membrane clusters of constantly flowing data/

The Screens project a constant stream of fragmented images and partial words at maximum velocity of sound/a jargon of meaningless ersatz that disorientate the survivors who escaped the City of Pain and cause long periods of insomnia and wakefulness/Nils Protocols of Noise are re-mixed and dispersed into the Screens morphing Jargon in an attempt to subvert there affects/effects/Nils has to find the right combination of noise perhaps beyond noise to achieve this end/

Sleep becomes hard to one who has lost faith in everything/The sinister things looking for some idea that is infinitely stronger than death/This Neo Baroque text points outwards beyond itself and purposely presents the limitlessness of the NOW/ Text available from Lulu .com/


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