So much has happened since 2013/The trilogy Pathology of a Still Life comprising of Book One/ Homage to Collateral Damage/Book two Artaud adjusts his hat[e] and The Celibate Autopsy are finished and published/The Lie Detector the first of two novels is finished and published and Assault with a Deadly Weapon is ready to be published/I […]

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The Opposite of Fantasy Is Pain/

4 THE OPPOSITE OF FANTASY IS PAIN Fear of mutilated femininity of witness to anxiety of writer without a shadow/counteract terror of oblivions indivisible revolt against emptiness of the spectacle of the Situation/ Who defines allocated parts when constructing the ethical? / What space duration in comets path in next dimension has been reopened/Stabbing holes […]

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The Fascist Mode of Thinking Desire

2 A FASCIST MODE OF THINKING DESIRE Phallic razor visceral engines/the madness of secular adultery/ Self-mutilation of desire felt in every crevasse of neural fields/ Until intensity inside the belly of the universe extinction/ Not to precede from days of chaos to nights drigged horizon / Double Agents at the Piano Bar she isn’t dead […]

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