The forgotten Memory of the Future/ No Future for YOU?/

Hello Lee Kwo here/At the moment I am editing the last draft of my second novel Homage to Collateral Damage to be published in February/The text is a Neo Baroque look at the last decades of the 20th Century musak social aesthetics culture and ways in which developments within these planes of immanence distracted and reterritorialised the human dominance of affective consciousness/In particular the punk anarchic culture of the 70s and the emergence of factors that lead up to the collapse of consciousness as the human paradigm of difference between it and the machinic Sentinal Being/A thinking desiring being that develops from experimentation within research into chaos theory cybernetics and computer intelligence/Texx is a prequel to The Celibate Autopsy and is inspired by the work of Kathy Acker/Deleuze and Guattari/William Burroughs and Antonin Artuad/Texxs Auto Garage will be a multi textual work including visuals within the text/a music sound track and a DVD of images interpreting the soundtrack which is electronic punk techno influenced/Strategically we are moving thru the rejection of the Modern project by the post Modern thru the Neo Baroque world of diversity of narrative across chronological time and dimensional space/dense virtuosity seriality and multiplicity of plots into the Post Human world which resonates with Ray Kurzweils idea of the Singularity/Texx as a narrative folds and unfolds moving from a monadic text to a nomadic complexity of chaotic instability and in this sense takes into account the work of Deleuze and his book The Fold/So this is a complex task and in many ways attempts to think the unthinkable which until now has remained anonymous soon to become exhumed and actual/Both Texx and The Celibate Autopsy are in many ways ironic/satirical parodies of human thought and philosophy and engage with the work of/amongst others/Bataille and Blanchot as well as those authors already mentioned/Whats my story?/I have been writing and composing texts and music and collages for 40 years and it has taken until this seminal year for me to unravel the potential possibilities of the signs of the future no longer dominated by human ideologically over determined logic and reason/I write of the desiring machine at night from 7pm until 6am when these provocations present themselves to me at 3am the nexus of the horizontal and the vertical engage and erode the boundaries of time and space as we imagine them to be/I welcome yr comments and ideas/The text remains fluid and unframed at the moment as it should/


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