The Pathology of a Still Life

Activate document February 14 2013/Much has happened since my last post/I have finished the trilogy Pathology of a Still Life which consists of the three books[Homage to Collateral Damage] [Artaud Adjusts his Hat[e] [The Celibate Autopsy] A satirical and parodic series of texts looking at the shift of the paradigm of consciousness as being dominated by the Human to a state where consciousness is dominated by the machinic/They can be read as separate books and yet they are interconnected/Lets unpack this/People ask me why the books are so hard to read and the text so dense/I wanted to comment on the Information Age and so the texts are like super narratives that can be read in paragraphs pages or chapters/I have to say I am also utilizing a cerebral version of Burroughs cut up method and the influences of a myriad of authors from Kathy Acker  to Balzac to Artaud and Bataille as well as many thinkers like Blanchot and Deleuze/The work is hard going even for me and this is a statement on the Age of Information/There is so much of consequence available it would take lifetimes to read all the material we have an interest in/Personally I think the last book The Celibate Autopsy is the most accessible of the texts/I have also published a condensation of the three books as The Lie Detekta much smaller than the 1800 pages of the trilogy/At the moment I have three drafts for new novels and am working on a book of poems/The trilogy and The Lie Detekta and all available from at a very reasonable price/467Regards Lee Kwo


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