Lee Kwo has abandoned the world of substance and has taken refuge in the where do we go from here…

The Forgotten Memory of the Future/Insanity and excess of vision and sound/ Consciousness is not the seat of identity/When you have gone as far as you can you are only half way there/Reality is not enough/We dream of the inside which is the unconscious and the outside which is the imagination/What is the connexion between the unconscious and the imagination between twins/Do we only imagine in the conscious or is it a direct production of the dream of the other  that we have forgotten as real and think that it is an inspiration of the conscious/A limit experience that prevents us from remaining in the dream/Or are we permanently in the dream becoming other within space and time a rational thought or a non-thought/the unconscious/ How do we maintain the boundaries?/The process of constructing identity is creative  and the creative individual creates many selves/What do you dream of and what do you dream of becoming/Is a dream a process of desire or are desires limited to the conscious/Is the dream the thinking of the unthinkable/Lets construct the unthinkable/

My new text/the first in the trilogy Pathology of a Still Life Homage to Collateral Damage is ready to be published/It is a prequel to The Celibate Autopsy in the sense that it anticipates the arrival of the Post Human that unfolds in The Celibate Autopsy/It was written before The Celibate Autopsy in 1981 and fragments from this earlier text inform the events and characters of The Celibate Autopsy/The term postmodern has lost its radical meaning and become another ideological over-determination for an ever expanding variety of creative engagements/It is no longer sufficient to define complex polyvalent  interactions between art music text and social phenomena as they have come to exist in the 21C/It has become a limit a threshold that itself needs to be transgressed by the Neo Baroque which is the area of proto activity that predicts  and anticipates the PostHuman/The Neo Baroque is a transitional labyrinth which combines the past and the present to create the future or lack of one/Neo engages with the idea of seriality multiplicity of plots  instability of reality diversity across chronological confines the sign of rapture in the abyss of identities/Baroque is without formal boundaries a space of cultural shifts chaos and uncertainty/of virtuosity and extravagance of style band spectacle/Originating in the 17C the Baroque style continues to have a life feeding on a culture which has a fascination with the sensorial/the visual the textual/There is no homogony but a diversity of styles that define the Baroque itself/Art is in a perpetual state of motion and transverses epochs and Centuries/With regards to the Neo Baroque its main signification is what Deleuze calls the “fold”/Deleuze reading of Leibniz links his project to a divergent tradition that has always maintained the centrality of the multiple/In Deleuze the fold the rhizome the swarm/This plurality of relations of connections and interconnections is prevalent in Texxs Auto Garage and the Passionate Woman/Time and space folding and unfolding and refolding leaving behind the monadic in a movement towards the nomadic forming from individual folds the complexity and seriality of the Neo Baroque/Drawing on Andrew Benjamins work..in the text different moments will continue to intersect and in intersecting/in their movement back and forwards will diminish and obviate the hold of prediction and chance is able to follow a constitutive role/The post-modernist fantasy of the absolute new beginning is replaced by this system of relations and connections/


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