The Celibate Autopsy

Cover for first published book The Celibate Autopsy/

A Celibate Autopsy by Lee Kwo the first Post Human satirical text looking at issues such as the fictional nature contemporary Philosophy/music as noise in the 21stCentury/War as expression of human desire/the Control Apparatus of dominant politics and language as a code of Information as an end in itself./This text informs the reader of the current trends in humanist thought towards Technology using a parodic cool adaptation of the often lifeless discourse of such humanist textual styles/The Celibate Autopsy looks at the end of the model of consciousness being peculiar to the Human and the rise of a Machinic consciousness in the next decades/It is not science fiction but reflects on current trends in Information Theory/Cybernetics and the exponential growth of technology as a superior state of consciousness/The Celibate Autopsy is a non linear text with several narratives running consecutively/Inspired by Antonin Artaud incorporating the radical style of Kathy Acker and building on the textual strategies of William Burroughs this book explores the difficult questions confronting issues of ethics humanist morality and communication in the 21st Century/A Celibate Autopsy is 650 pages of innovative writing on sinister scenarios each with their own latent meanings and or obscure possibilities/A Celibate Autopsy interrogates the texts of philosophers from Heidegger to Bataille, Maurice Blanchot and Gillies Deleuze with an irreverent parodic look at what happens when narratives and Absolutes cease to hold a society within the limits of control and transgression reaches the point of excess/This text simply demands a release of the individual from all institutional and regulatory Control Apparatus including that of language/It is a book that perhaps has more in common with the sampling strategies of the music recording Industry than literature/The Celibate Autopsy resonates with the performance music of Fraser MacKay and the innovative Mono print images of Monty Osewald forming a dialogue of image music and text which attempts to define the new aesthetics of the coming decades/This may be the last book you read/An exhibition not to be missed/Tentative date for launch is September Melbourne/Lee Kwo published the book at his own expense and kept the costs low rather than accept royalties/Often those who can least afford to buy new books are the ones he wants reading it/Available at Review By Dead Dogma Productions/




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