So much has happened since 2013/The trilogy Pathology of a Still Life comprising of Book One/ Homage to Collateral Damage/Book two Artaud adjusts his hat[e] and The Celibate Autopsy are finished and published/The Lie Detector the first of two novels is finished and published and Assault with a Deadly Weapon is ready to be published/I […]

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The Opposite of Fantasy Is Pain/

4 THE OPPOSITE OF FANTASY IS PAIN Fear of mutilated femininity of witness to anxiety of writer without a shadow/counteract terror of oblivions indivisible revolt against emptiness of the spectacle of the Situation/ Who defines allocated parts when constructing the ethical? / What space duration in comets path in next dimension has been reopened/Stabbing holes […]

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The Fascist Mode of Thinking Desire

2 A FASCIST MODE OF THINKING DESIRE Phallic razor visceral engines/the madness of secular adultery/ Self-mutilation of desire felt in every crevasse of neural fields/ Until intensity inside the belly of the universe extinction/ Not to precede from days of chaos to nights drigged horizon / Double Agents at the Piano Bar she isn’t dead […]

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Life a cheap excuse for passion/

The Recycling of Semantic waste by divergent appropriation/The movie starts with the present reality which is starting to disintegrate with telephoto frames of the wilderness out of which god led the people and ends with relentless views of industrial complexes/The future is history but you wont be there you are barely here as it is […]

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